Sunday, 13 November 2011

Brush test

I don't know what version of Photoshop you have but I use CS4. I was looking into the preset brushes to see what ones might look right.

Most of the brushes that have a number followed by 'pixel' at the end look poor. (most of the above marks are made from those brushes, except the 3 bottom right)

There are other preset brushes that look a lot nicer, such as 'rough round bristle' (top right). I also downloaded so free rough edge brushes but nothing I could find was any good.

So then I threw this together using the 'rough round brush' for the layout and flash for the VW van just to see how the two looked together.



  1. Sweeeeet! It's alive! I'm likin those brush effects, we could even make our own custom brushes!

  2. have that scene animated, I'll show you guys tomorrow, because my flash is being an ass and won't render correctly.
    The thing about the brushes in the second picture is that they change as you move them, can you do that with custom brushes or is it just a shape that gets dragged out like the first picture?